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Our Only Spring Sale!!
Our Hours Have Changed!
No Snow...but Christmas will still come on time!


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OMG! There's light at the end of the tundra winter tunnel!

It's finally above the 0 degree mark....the torture may be over....

I don't know about you, but I didn't think spring would come, I had just about given up!  But it's finally edging in!  AND we just finished filling the store with wonderful things that are meant for spring!  We have a new Garden Room, that is bursting at the seams with items for your home, your garden or wherever!  Check out the pictures!  Tomorrow I hope to tackle the front windows!  Should even be warm enough to wash off the winter gunk!

Winter 2015


I just want to say Thank you to all our wonderful customers who made Christmas a great time at the Coach House.  Everyone enjoyed our Christmas Barn, which made all the work worthwhile.

January seems to have brought the deep freeze of winter, (luckily I am in Aruba while the temps back home are around minus 30 with the windchill).  However, January is also bringing several new vendors to the store, and we have given several areas in the store a facelift!  
Lots of new product starts to arrive as early as January 20th!


So I just got back from Southern California, San Diego to be exact, where I spent a week with my son, stayed in the gaslamp district, ate totally cool fusion style meals at awesome restaurants, enjoyed microbrewery beers, visited a few wineries, a lavender farm, browsed in the totally cool organic farmers market that had everything from cheeses, veggies, fruit, oils, hemp bags, and everything that was just totally cool!!
Even with a bit of jet lag, I am just totally inspired after that trip, and will be on the hunt for some products to bring in the store that have that "So Cal" feel.

Wait, it's not's SUMMER!

OKAY, Forget Spring, I'm Happy to go right into SUMMER!!
Well, after the worst Winter I can remember, I think we also had the worse Spring ever too, or was it that spring was an extension of Winter? Either way, within two days I turned off the heat and had to turn on the air conditioner at the Studio!  HA!  I don't really mind, because it means....SUMMER! And that means gardening, cottaging, boating, and Wine on the Patio, and we get to come out of our long hibernation and we get to see our friends again, and we get to see the colours of flowers, (which is so much better than the barren colour of snow), and I could continue this run on sentence for some time.

Okay, Enough with Winter Already!

OKAY - I'm Done, this winter has got to go! 
One saving grace is that everything is feeling like spring in the store!
We have our new vendors moving in! (Light Fixtures and Canadiana Antiques) and we have the HOMESTEAD HOUSE milk paints all set up!
It appears that our big bank of snow has melted, and I can't wait to have the temps go up a bit so that we can wash our front windows!  UGH!
We have all of our spring and summer sachets set up throughout the store, so I can walk around and smell the scents of Magnolias and Gardenias, along with some other fabulous smells that make me think of warm sunny days!


Feb 2014 - Waiting for Winter to END!
Well, I am finally getting a chance to catch up on my Blog!
First let me thank all of our wonderful patrons that visit the store on a regular basis!  Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and visits!
After a short week rest in Aruba in mid January, I got to come back to the worst winter I have experience in over 20 years!  COLD TO THE BONE, AND SNOW TO THE NOSE!  One week in Aruba was definitely not enough.
One good thing is the wonderful spring items that are starting to come into the store, it gives me hope that Spring will return!

OCTOBER- means....

Hi all,  it fall and fabulous!
We have some wonderful things that have walked thru our doors .... some awesome fall fashion accessories, scarves, pashminas, jewelry and purses!
As well we have some amazing thanksgiving and Halloween décor items!  So if you are looking for those special things to set your table with, come in and have a look!
We have some special events coming up - we will be having our first Ladies evening, and our first Seniors Night! Both nights we will be featuring 10% off of all product from participating vendors.

October is here and this is what's coming!

Hi All,
Our Store is full to almost overflowing! We have some new vendors that carry some interesting products, as well we have some new consignors!  Every week things look different - and we now have regulars that visit us at least once a week!
We had a successful Grand Opening Even with our wine and cheese, and we were happy to see all those who came out to support us!  Come in and read our comment book, and visit our facebook page to see some of the evenings photos.

Thank you to all our great customers!

Hi All -
Thanks to all of you who have given us such great comments and who have come back to see us!  We have had a busy three weeks and our shop is finally full of vendors and their products.  We have some great new staff who are happy to help find any items you may be looking for, and with our vendors changing things up all the time, its true that if we don't have it today, we will probably have it tomorrow.
Next week we have PUMPKINS coming!  And we will be ready to thanksgiving, and for Halloween, with some beautiful decor items for those events.

What a great first week!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who stopped in to see us our first week - and thanks to all of you who took something home!  I have finally found a quiet moment to blog - by the way, who thought of that word??  If someone knows, please tell me!
We have had a great response so far, and we still don't have all of our vendors in!
Each week, vendors will be bringing in more, and different items, to restock their booths.  We have also just opened our consignment area, where we have things from people who have one or two items to sell.